Boys Spring Season & Girls Fall Season for 2017



To all Smoky Mountain Middle School Soccer coaches and participants, welcome to the 30th. Anniversary year of our middle school soccer program. From the 4 boy’s teams we originally started with in 1988, to the 100+ combined boys and girls teams we currently register, we have always focused on putting kids first and promoting soccer to as many as possible, experienced or not. Only 16 years ago the entire program for both boys and girls was held in the spring. There were 58 total teams at that time. We spent Friday night prior to the tournament at Kinko’s, preparing, printing, folding and stapling the tournament schedules to be handed out the morning of the tournament. There was no internet, no information was delivered by phone, and dads did most of the coaching. Today over 1500 players, 90 coaches, from 14 counties make up our program. Every year we add new teams to the format. Even though it is an independent program with no official school affiliation, the support has been tremendous and continues to grow. We want everyone who participates to understand that we are not connected in any way with any municipality in any manner. We are totally independent and therefore any questions, problems and or/inquires, should come to one of the 3 people listed below. Under no circumstances is anyone to call on the middle schools themselves for any reason.

The founder of the program is David Melendy. He has been an activist for the sport for some 31 years. He was co-founder of the Smoky Mountain Soccer Club in 1992, and held a board position there until the club merged in July of 2008. As a coach/manager he guided his son’s team to 3 state titles and 3 runners-up titles over a 10 year period. His team won over 650 games during that time. He was the field director for the US Cellular complex for 12 years. He also organized and ran the largest soccer tournament in AAU history during the 2000 Junior Olympics. He retired from Knox. County in 2014 due to health issues and is currently working on improving the program as well as expanding it to include more teams.


Alan Devan handles all registration, rosters, ads, drops, and all schedules on the web site.


Bob Bratta handles all referee assignments for both league and tournament play.


The resolution committee includes Shelia Brumley from Lenoir City, Heather Eastwood from Webb, and Jackie Lee from Karns.  In addition, Jason Cox from South Doyle and Walt Scarbrough from Norris assist in the tournament selection process.


All have many years working with the program and help us with numerous tasks throughout the season. Their input to the program helps in many ways to manage the program effectively.


We hope everyone can appreciate all the hard work this group has done to keep Middle School Soccer alive and well for 30 years. We look forward to seeing you this upcoming season and best of luck to all.


David Melendy

(865) 771-3038


Alan Devan

(865) 388-1210



Bob Bratta

(865) 966-3064

Referee Scheduler


Heather Eastwood

(865) 525-4975

Resolution Committee


Sheila Brumley

(865) 680-1759

Resolution Committee


Jackie Lee

(865) 776-4539

Resolution Committee


Walt Scarbrough

(865) 210-2242